The CrossFit Games. –Renee

What a mix of emotions watching them. It started with masters men….holy moly. Any and all age ranges was exciting to watch. When I watched the women,I got motivated, excited, loud and had tears when watching any one particular athlete finish right under the time cap or come from behind because steady wins the race. Then bring on the “regular” games….what an exciting weekend. From Jenny and Annie coming back to wondering if Rich would three-peat and knowing it would be great to see whether he won or not. One of my favorite highlights was when Camille went unbroken from pull-ups to muscle-ups. That was so bad ass, not one other athlete did that. When there was OH lunges, I knew Rich would kill it, it’s what he does. It was great seeing a rookie in the top spot for a couple days, if I were to guess, he learned what he needs to do to be(tter)  again, steady wins the race. I found myself jumping up screaming at the tv when Josh bridges was no-repped 3 times while OH squatting almost 100# more than his body weight. These athletes did amazing things that not just any one can say they can do. Can we talk about the teams? Having 6 people work as one was awe inspiring rip watch. My favorite was big Bob but mostly the worm clean and jerk. I’m motivated….I know I have the ability to get to the games and need the commitment to put the time in and get the skills. Nothing can stop me but me!


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