The Champs of the Throwdown

Attention: We are shooting a commercial to air on CBS for the next few months. The camera crew will be shooting this Thursday from 11:30-1:30. Please show up looking your best if you want to be on camera. 

The Noon Class on Thursday will be a part of the Commercial, and the programming will be different than the rest of the gym’s programming that day.

Drum roll please…..

Announcing the winners of the inaugural End of Summer Throwdown:

Mark S. and Andrea for the Rx division clifton park bootcamp

Jay and Kate for the Scaled division.

Congrats to both teams on putting up such awesome performances all week long.  It's not easy to push the intensity level that high that many days in a row, and it is a testament to their hard work that they were able to rise to the top amidst all the teams participating.

Mark and Red started off strong with a monster performance on the deadlift/burpee WOD posting a whopping 196 for their score.  Follow that with an epic 5k row, then rolled through the CFT (let's just say Mark is freakin' strong!).  Top it off with a stellar Team Kalsu, and voila, crowned champions!

Now if we're giving out prizes for best team name, Jay and Kate can't be out-done with their "Afternoon Delight." Both came in with a great attitude and gave it their all each class.  Big stand-out performance came from Jay when he stepped up and rode a hot streak after the end of the CFT and hit a 75 pound PR on his 1RM deadlift.  Oh, by the way, that was only one week after he had just done a previous attempt at a max deadlift.  They lived up to their nickname, and truly were an Afternoon Delight! clifton park fitness

Gotta say, we're pretty impressed to have 2 Clifton Park teams show up and crush it the way they did.  Definitely showing some serious improvement from the athletes at CCP!

Noteworthy performances also came from Christine and Shye's team, they were super-positive and showed a great competitive drive in all the workouts.  I'd be remiss to leave out TJ and Kevin C. for their willingness to hit the 5k row as a solo effort, and also another lone-wolf, Pat O. did battle with Kalsu, which we all know is no easy feat!

It was a great site all week long.  We loved the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and that extra little push in every WOD.  We can't wait to do it again next year!

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