The Albany CrossFit OPEN

The New Year is upon us and we are excited to kick things off with the inaugural Albany CrossFit OPEN!!

This event will be the first in a series of 30 Day Challenges we plan to host throughout the year quarterly.

Our goal with this challenge is to provide ACF athletes with a practice “OPEN” that will:

1.) Educate on what the OPEN is and the process of participation.

2.) Teach new skills or improve the skills you already have.

3.) Focus on movement virtuosity and be held to OPEN standards.

What is “The OPEN?”

The OPEN is an online CrossFit competition that marks the beginning of the CrossFit Games season each year. It is an all inclusive event that anyone can participate in. The requirements to participate include: a $20 sign-up fee, access to a CrossFit gym or the equipment necessary to complete workouts, and the determination to endure all five WODs across the five weeks of competition.

Each week a new workout is announced Thursday nights at 8:00pm. Athletes have four days (before Monday 8:00pm) to complete the workout and submit their scores. You can repeat workouts during that time as frequently as you desire in order to achieve the best possible score. The CrossFit Games OPEN begins February 25th, 2016.

What is the Albany CrossFit OPEN?

The OPEN is an excellent opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. Each year we see members in our gym taking on workouts that push their limits, learn & improve upon skills, and realize they are capable of more than they previously thought they were. Our practice event is designed to prepare you for what is to come at the end of February and throughout March. The format be will as close to real OPEN as possible:

  • Videos: Videos of workouts will be posted describing movement standards, scoring, scaling, and strategy.
  • WODS: Will be announced Thursdays at 8:00pm (The first WOD will be released 12/31/2015).
  • WODS in Class: Athletes will be able to hit each workout in class on Fridays and then utilize open gym time to repeat them.
  • Judging: Athletes will need a judge to score their workouts and hold them to OPEN standards to ensure a fair competition. Judges can be coaches or other members at the gym.
  • WOD Submissions: Workout scores are due on Mondays by 8:00pm. Email your score to [email protected]

Sign Me Up!:

  • Registration: Begins – Monday, December 28th, 2015. Ends – Monday, January 4th, 2016.
  • ACF OPEN Start Date: Friday, January 1st, 2016
  • Divisions: RX & Scaled variations of the workouts will be provided.
  • Who can Join?: Anyone at ACF regardless of skill level or experience!
  • Cost: $5 to participate in the event.
  • How Do I Sign Up?: Tell a Coach and they will write your name and division on the whiteboard in the main WOD room.
  • Prizes: The first place male and female athletes from each division will receive a special limited edition Albany CrossFit prize!
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