Sunday 052712

Link of the Day

albany gym


Row 500m

25 Pushups

25 Ring Rows


I. AMRAP in 30 minutes with a partner

Run 200m

15 Air Squats

10 Burpees

*Only 1 partner moving at a time

II. Farmer’s Carry 200m with Heavy Kettlebells

Scaling options for all ability levels will be provided for by your coach


ACF Endurance Team:

1 – CrossFit WOD is still your number one priority.
2 – These should be hit Post WOD or at least 3 hours Pre-WOD
3 – The longer your race or goal, the higher the intervals you should hit.
4 – Ideally these are done on non-consecutive days.
5 – Saturday’s run will be at the Niskayuna Bike Trail with the Team.

Here are our 3 CrossFit Endurance WODs for the week:

Short Interval

6-12 intervals of:


*1 minute rest between intervals


Long Interval

3-6 intervals of:


*2-3 minutes rest between intervals

*hold each interval within 3-5 seconds of each


Time Trial/Tempo (as team)

10k Time Trial