Staying Current

Stay up-to-date with all the happenings at Albany CrossFit and CrossFit Clifton Park

– Want to go to a Level 1 Cert? We've got the next best thing! Jason is coaching a Break-Out group focusing on the Air Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat. This will be taught just like at the L1, learning the basics of the movements and how to spot flaws, and how to correct them.
This is going down on Wednesday, August 1st at 6pm at Albany CrossFit.  It will run for 45-50 minutes, so plan accordingly.
Email [email protected] if you want it!
– Friday Night Fights is back by popular demand! We're kicking off our Hope 2013 effort with a bang on August 17th at Albany CrossFit.  $5 donation to participate.  Sign-up here if you plan on participating.
And join us for food and fare after the WOD at the Recovery Room.  A portion of the proceeds at Recovery Room will go to Hope 2013.
– The Labor Day Games are fast approaching.  Please make note of the following:
Dates: Sept 1st and 2nd
Times: Saturday 10-7/ Sunday 8-4 (Subject to change)
Registration: Friday 6-8pm, Sat 7-8am
Max athletes-100 Rx/ 100 Scaled (Subject to change)
How to determine if you should go Rx or Scaled
Go Rx if you can do all the following:
  • Men
    • Fran Rx'd in under 7 minutes
    • Clean and Jerk at least 205# for 1RM
    • have doubles
    • A mile in under 9 minutes
  • Women
    • Fran Rx'd in under 10 minutes
    • Clean and Jerk at least 125# for 1RM
    • have doubles
    • a mile in under 10 minutes

Any questions, please email [email protected]