September 2015 – Tim Lee

Tim PR Jerk 225 (1)When I think of a role model – a perfect example of a supportive member of our community whose actions others should strive to replicate – I think of Tim. When Tim is in class you are guaranteed a few things: 1.) he will immediately cheer and support others when he finishes a workout, 2.) you WILL receive a fist bump when the workout is over, 3.) he will push himself past his own physical & mental limits in pursuit of excellence.
Tim has not even been at our gym for a year yet, but has accomplished so much. He has competed in a few weightlifting competitions, most notably the AWF National Championships after only a few months of experience with the Snatch and Clean& Jerk. This summer he established a 425# Deadlift, 405# Back Squat and a sub four minute Baseline WOD Time. When he is not lifting heavy or engaging in friendly competition with other members in WODs, Tim practices the basics. He prides himself with having good technique and will go to great lengths to achieve it. Just a few weeks ago, he learned in a WOD that he was performing his pushups incorrectly. Later that night, he completed 300 repetitions with the goal of mastering push up technique.
Our gym’s Guiding Values are: Forging Happiness, Building Community, Pursuing Excellence, Promoting Health, and Living with Integrity. Tim undoubtedly exemplifies these values and that is why he is our 2015 September Member of the Month!


AlbanDr. B AFCy CrossFit’s Member of the Month is proudly sponsored by Dr. Bianca Treski of Active Family Chiropractic. Dr. B is our resident “Spine Coach” and she shares in our mission to help make others better than they were yesterday. Members of the Month receive a complimentary $50 assessment card to use at Dr. B’s office. Please see Coach James to claim your prize!

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