September 2013 – Damon Carr (ACF)

From Monday through Friday there is a group of athletes that show up to ACF at 5:30 in the morning. This group of athletes is best referred to as the Morning Mayhem crew. Amongst the many great athletes that show up each and every day, there is one athlete that truly stands out. This athlete goes by the nickname DC.

Within the past year Damon Carr has made leaps and bounds beyond what he even thought was possible. All of this was made possible through the hard work and perseverance that he brings with him every day when he walks through those doors. Just like all of us, he has at one point been frustrated with specific movements. Instead of accepting defeat, DC instead attacked these weaknesses head on. Within a few short months DC has gone from doing ring rows in workouts to doing pull-ups.

When confronted with the task of improving his mobility he met it head on and would come in early or stay late to make sure he improved on a weekly basis. This yet again proved to pay off as he was able to get a 225lb clean because he could now get into a better position to catch the bar. These recent accomplishments have only fueled DC’s desire to become better. He has now set new goals and we have faith that he will put in the work to see that they become reality.

DC has made a commitment to not only better himself, but to also be a better role model for his family. The fitness journey has truly just begun for DC and we are excited to see his future development as an athlete and a member of the Albany CrossFit community.

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