Monday 101413

Upcoming Events
  • October 25th. 6pm to 8pm. Friday Night Fights: Ninjas & Beast
  • October 26th. 9am to 6pm. Rock Tape Seminar

* Attention!* Tomorrow's WOD (10/14) will be run in an Open Gym style. Coaches will be present to coach the 1RM Snatch. The clocks will be running continuosly for the MetCon (which will not fit within the hour). It is ideal to scale the WOD so that it will be challenging, but take you less than 1h 30mins. Coaches will be on hand for guidance and scaling. Do not skip tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day to step up and challenge yourself.

Monday (10/14)
WOD Prep:
* Hold for 2 Minutes
1. Establish a 1RM Snatch
2. "Clovis"
For Time:
10 Mile Run
* Partition The Run and Burpee Pull-Ups As Needed.