Rachel Breidster’s Story.

  • 531950_10101560170632432_1354963213_nI love the crew that comes in the morning. It's a slightly older crowd- with a lot less drama. I love Brett's coaching. He is so knowledgable about the mechanics of the lift and the all of the ways in which bodies function- it's like getting a workout and an A & P lesson all in one. I like having workouts that leave me plastered to the floor. I like the option of getting it all done in plenty of time to get to work so that after work I can run, climb, kayak, do home work, yoga, renovate my house, etc.


    The primary thing that keeps me coming back is Brett. If I don't show up, he will notice. He will reach out to figure out what is going on. When I show up for his classes, I know that not only will I get a stellar workout (which I would get at any hour), but I'm also going to learn something. I will learn WHY we do something a certain way, how it translates to other things etc.


    That is very important for me, because CrossFit workouts are super intense and if I don't feel like I'm being guided by someone with a really strong understanding of WTF we are doing and why, I don't think it's always safe.


    I also think CrossFit makes me a better climber. I like the challenges that we have. I have been injured for about 6 months, and while I no longer have pistols and after my surgery probably won't be able to squat shit, I am still in reasonably good shape despite the severe limitations on my ROM. I like that I'm in an environment where this is possible.

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