R & R

Brett’s own take on R & R:

Probably not the R & R you’re thinking of, but what I’m talking about is the risk that leads to reward.

clifton park gymRisk -> Reward

Sometimes, people will tell me they “went lighter because there was a time limit” or they had planned on doing an event or competition, but backed out because (insert excuse here) came up.

Here are a couple of strategies to help you hit bigger goals.

1) Obviously, set bigger goals! Yeah, go “pie in the sky” and try to do something ambitious. Maybe it’s a muscle-up by Christmas or snatching bodyweight before your birthday, but your goals should excite you and scare you a little. This includes goals for the WOD, the week, the year, etc.

2) Tell everyone what you’re up to! I know. You immediately responded, “but, what if I…”

Yeah! That’s the risk. You risk failure and embarrassment, but you lose something. You lose the ability to back out of what you know is best for you. You HAVE TO stick to your training and stay focused if people are asking you how it’s going.

So, set some big, SMART goals. Risk failure! Risk the horror of being the last person hitting the WOD or even going (horror) over a time limit! And watch your rewards increase.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” –Francis Bacon

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