CrossFit for Hope. What does it mean?

clifton park gymCrossFit means something different to each of us: It’s life-changing.  It’s health.  It’s happiness. A lifestyle.  A community. A passion.

Here is our chance to make it an OPPORTUNITY.

We’re raising money for children who may never see the day that they can do their first “Fran.” Never feel the exhilaration of hitting a new PR. Never feel the warm embrace of a community of athletes rally around them to finish a WOD. Never see others achieve the impossible.

CrossFit may mean something different to each of us.  CrossFit for Hope means one thing: Life.  A life, where these children can realize these opportunities that we have been so fortunate to experience.

Let’s come together for them and make these opportunities a reality.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” –Joseph Campbell

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