Olympic Opening Ceremonies Talk with Kim Seevers

THE OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONIES What really goes on behind the scenes!

Join ACF member and 2014 Paralympic Games athlete Kim Seevers

Thursday, February 8th at 7:00pm

Get the perspective of a participating athlete on everything you see and everything you DON’T during the Olympic Opening Ceremony!

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will kick off with the grandeur of the Opening Ceremony at 8:00pm on Friday, February 9th.

In the past, as you’ve relaxed in the comfort of your living room with your family, ready to watch the spectacle that is the Opening Ceremony, have you ever wondered:

  • Where the thousands of athletes are hiding before the parade of athletes takes place, and what are they doing? (It’s not as glamourous as you’d think!)
  • What is it like behind the scenes as the countries prepare for the ceremony? (Barely controlled chaos!)
  • What are some of the Olympic/Paralympic traditions the athletes experience that you never hear about? (Too many to list here, but there are some really cool ones!)
  • What is life in the athlete’s village like? (Better than awesome most of the time, but boy there’s some weird stuff that happens!)

ACF member Kim Seevers competed in the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games as the sighted guide for visually impaired alpine ski racer Staci Mannella. Staci and Kim competed together for seven seasons and won World Cup gold, numerous National and North American Cup championships and had two 6th place finishes in the 2014 Paralympics in Giant Slalom and Slalom.

Become a Games expert, amaze your friends with your insider” knowledge, and get excited for the next night’s Opening Ceremony and the Olympic and Paralympic competitions that follow. There will be videos and pictures and the chance to ask questions about what Kim describes as

“The proudest moment of an athletes life; stepping onto the floor of an Opening Ceremony as part of Team USA”