We are stoked to announce that Will Cardona is our October 2018 Member of the Month! Will is a natural athlete and has been crushing it since he joined ACF! Will is a positive influence on everyone in our community and he is a valued member of the gym! Will, and his wife Taylor (former Member of the Month!), are always pushing themselves to (BE)TTER every time they walk through the door at ACF! Here are some of the awesome things the coaching staff had to say about Will:

Coach James had this to say: “I’m so happy Will is Member of the Month! I love having Will in class because he’s not only a cool guy, but his positive attitude makes him a lot of fun to coach. It’s been great to see not only how Will has progressed in his CrossFit skills, but how much he has immersed himself in our community. After Will finishes a workout he doesn’t put his stuff away or record his score in WODify, but instead catches his breath and immediately starts cheering on his fellow athletes. Will also participates in community events such as Friday Night Fights and Fall Face Off to test his fitness in competition. He also attends our gym BBQs/Parties to test his competitive eating skills – something we have discussed is extremely important for any athlete. Congrats again Will!”​​​​​​​

Coach Murph said: “Will is an amazing athlete and a great part of our community! Will is always at our events Friday Night Fights and BBQs. Recently he competed at Fall Face Off. Will is an amazing example of how Albany CrossFit is not only a place where you can get fit but also a great community. Congrats on becoming our newest MOM! P.S. becoming member of the month is great, becoming member of the month after your wife is amazing!”

Coach Shye added: “When Will became a member of Albany CrossFit in April 2017, I knew we had quite an athlete joining our community with his background as a baseball player for Siena College. As with so many folks that start CrossFit, he was not exposed to many of the movements that we perform in our workouts. But since he has been here, he has put a lot of effort in to becoming a well rounded CrossFitter mastering double unders, toes to bar, rope climbing, just to name a few. Congratulations Will for being the member of the month!”

Coach Louis said: “Will is a natural. He’s picked up everything as quickly as it’s shown to him. I watch as his strength goes up on a weekly basis. Every skill and lift has been on a constant incline. A phenomenal athlete and gentleman. The dude does dubs in reverse! He’s the kind of guy everyone wants to surround themselves with. I’m glad Will is a member with us; Albany CrossFit is blessed to have such company. Will, congrats brother, and continue working to (be)tter.”

Coach Pat mentioned: “Will is someone that is a pleasure to have in class as a coach and as a fellow athlete. He works hard every class – pushes himself to get better everyday and expand his capabilities. He is a positive influence on everyone else and brings a great attitude with him wherever he goes. He is strong and humble and a great member of the ACF community. Well deserved!!!”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “I am so excited to see Will as Member of the Month!! Will and his wife Taylor (former M.O.M.!) are the definition of a “fit couple,” and I just love the energy they bring to the gym. When I see Will, I know it’s going to be an awesome class! He is such a strong athlete. The thing I love most about watching and coaching Will is his determination. When he wants to achieve something, he sets the goal in his mind, he works his butt off, and he does it! He continues to impress us all with his endurance and lifting. He hits class regularly, is receptive to coaching, participates in all the events at the gym, and is a wonderful example of what it means to be a member of our community at ACF. Congrats will, this recognition is well deserved! Keep it up!”

Coach Chris added: “I couldn’t agree more with Will being the member of the month. Not only is he a great athlete, who continues to get better, he is also just a great guy. Will puts in the extra time to get better and stronger, and has done a great job dropping some weight and getting more and more fit. Will is always positive and always smiling, and he is just a great member of our community. I was lucky enough to be on his FFO team and it was a blast. He not only kept us motivated but he crushed a 40 pound PR on his clean and jerk. I can’t wait to see what Will has in store and we are very lucky to have him at ACF!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 October Member of the Month, Will!


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