October 2012 – Carole Conroy (CCP)

Andrea shows some love for our newest Member of the Month at CrossFit Clifton Park: clifton park fitness

What can I say about Carole Conroy?

I've had the pleasure of watching her grow as an athlete from day one. From the early days in On-Ramp, she stood out. It was clear she was determined to be the best athlete she could be and she was willing to work for it. She was eager to learn and busted her hump at every movement introduced. Once integrated into classes, she continued to step it up for every wod. Carole comes in on a daily basis and takes on whatever is on the whiteboard without one complaint. She is the epitome of dedication and commitment. You can find Carole working on skills, doing a quick warm-up run before a WOD, and consistently hitting PRs. She is quick to cheer on fellow athletes, offer a kind word of encouragement, or just a hug.

Oh, and Carole is not only an awesome person in the gym, but also on the outside. She is the mother of two young boys, works full-time, and volunteers locally in her community. Carole and her eldest son were quick to volunteer their time by putting on a live music show and donating all collections to HOPE on behalf of ACF/CCP.

Carole is a wonderful person, both inside and outside the gym. She is constantly stepping outside of her comfort zone and the sky is the limit for this athlete. I look forward to watching her continue to grow and to have her as part of our community. Welcome to the Member of the Month club, Carole! Well deserved!

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