October 2012 – Amy Henges (ACF)

Dean gives props to our newest Member of the Month: albany fitness

I am happy to announce Amy Henges as this October's Member of the Month at Albany CrossFit.

Who is Amy Henges you ask?

Well she is a freight train of frury, dominating the leaderboard in many of the barbell movements. She is the definition of strength and power, claiming 1st place on our leaderboard with the women’s strict press, squat, and an amazing 375lb deadlift.

Amy has become a gym rat, training at 5:30am, and sometimes at 5:00pm, doing whatever it takes to continue to “Forge Elite Fitness”. Recently, Amy rekindled her competitive drive, competing in our most recent competition Fall Face Off. She is dedicated to the community, always cheering loud for others with a big smile on her face.

Amy is an absolute rock star and deserves this honor. Keep up the great work Amy !

Mark my words, Amy Henges will be the first woman to Deadlift 400lbs at our gym!

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