October 2011 – Stacy Jubert (ACF)

We had to a choice this month between 5 really good candidates for Member of the Month.

member of the month push press

-An above-average athlete who has changed their diet and made big changes in their body through CrossFit.

-Someone who competed in our In-House competition a few months back, brought home some hardware and has been killing it ever since.

-A member who has helped us tremendously behind the scenes with multiple events over the past year, including helping us to plan our first Winter Formal on Feb 18th of this coming year.

-A morning athlete who is more consistent than anyone and as important part of others experience at CrossFit as the coaches are at times.

-A person who has referred countless members to ACF/CCP and continues to “Preach the Gospel” everywhere they go.

Who would you go with? It was a tough decision, but in the end…We choose Stacy Jubert because she represents all 5 in one! If you don’t come in to the 7am or 9am class often, you may not know Stacy. Those who know her, love her. Her and her husband Guy have been CrossFitting with us for about a year, and they have both made tremendous strides. On top of all the energy and excitement Stacy brings in the morning, she has worked countless hours behind the scenes for us at Trade Shows and has host 2 “Bridal Wars” at our gym with a third coming this winter!

Stacy’s performance took a sharp turn for the better when she changed her diet, and finally said no to Diet Soda! She lost weight from two pregnancies, and looks fantastic. She has begun hitting many WODs as prescribed, and will need to take home a trophy from the Rx division if she wants one from the next In-House!

I have coached Stacy since the first day she came into ACF, and I have seen her grow so much as a CrossFitter. I am so proud every time I see her hit a WOD Rx or help a new athlete with technique. She has become an absolutely integral part of our community. I can promise, each of you have been affected in one way or another by the work she has done for us.

Stacy, you have certainly earned Member of the Month. Enjoy your reign, I look forward to seeing you grow even further in the future. If you see Stacy, congratulate her and let her know how much you appreciate what she does for your gym!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” –Winston Churchill

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