New Year Resolution – Gain AND lose 30 pounds by December 31st 2014 –Coach Kat

394262_10150732262814496_370098590_nIt’s true.  That’s my goal. What the…how the…why the…

Well, it’s because I am producing a child in my belly! I plan to create the next CrossFit games champion of 2034.  How am I going to do this you ask? Well, I will start by continuing my workout routine of hitting daily WOD’s and eating as healthy as possible.  And by ‘as possible’ I mean please ignore the peanut butter crackers that I feel I MUST have after every WOD.  Ignore the saltine crackers tucked away in my bag, and ignore the hot chocolate that I thought I needed or would die without the other day. And of course there are exceptions in my WOD’s too.  I no longer get inverted, goodbye handstand pushups.  I no longer slam my belly on the ground to do the fastest burpee possible, hello squat thrust and strict pushups.  Heavy snatches, nope. That felt a little weird the other day, no more of those.  Bye bye box jumps, hello step ups. Double unders are still ok, just don’t judge me when I pee my pants. 

I tell you all this, because I want to give you information, I want you to feel comfortable asking me questions; I want you to share any knowledge you may have with me!  I clearly don’t have all the answers in regards to pregnancy and CrossFit, but I am open to sharing my thoughts and feelings as I progress through this thing called…life.  Have you had kids? Worked out during pregnancy? Know someone who has?  Please tell me about it! There are a few blogs I have been reading in regards to CrossFit and pregnancy, but no solid set in stone facts.  My plan is to CrossFit for as long as possible throughout pregnancy and scale as needed.  I have already reduced the weights I use in a WOD and am still slower at finishing than ever before.   I struggle the most with breathing.  Maybe because I am producing 50% more blood in my body.  That’s kind of weird.  Normally when we hit a WOD we think, ‘get that shit done as fast as possible and then puke, breathe and get water only after you yell time!’  Well, yeah, I can’t exactly think like that anymore.  I have to take a few seconds every minute of so and make sure I am still able to breathe and get a small sip of water.  That’s the most frustrating part.  I can’t walk into ACF and expect to hit a PR on Fran.  Mentally I need to change my thought process and focus on ‘getting in a safe workout’ rather than ‘expect to come as close to death as humanly possible today’.  My Fran time recently doubled.  That was a great way to enter the New Year! #frustration!

I share this news to you as a way to open up communication.  Feel free to ask me questions, share your thoughts and concerns, and laugh at me!  This is a pretty comical experience if I must say so myself.  I hope my blogs and posts can help ACF CrossFitting preggo’s in the future.  I am excited to see where this adventure will take me.  Up and down the scale by Dec 2014! Expect to see baby O’Sullivan/Dispirito in late July 2014! He or she will be propped somewhere in the box so momma can follow through with her New Year resolution starting late summer! Just not under the chalk bucket or the water fountain…or under your squat rack.  That probably is not ok.