Nancy Andrew’s Story.

What I enjoy most about Albany CrossFit is the structure. I know almost everyone says "community" but I'll get to that. I LOVE structure. I love that there's a workout already planned for me and someone telling me to do it. I'm not the kind of person that can go to a gym and workout because 1. I won't do it and 2.They're mostly machines and I have no clue what I'm doing so I'd be standing around staring into space. Albany CrossFit gives me the structure that I need and guidance that I love to get a good workout while doing safe movements. I didn't come to Albany CrossFit to make friends, my main goal was to get healthy and fit, making friends and being part of this awesome community was just a bonus.
I keep coming back to Albany CrossFit because I feel like crap if I don't. I come back to keep working on the stuff I'm good at and the stuff I suck at. I will NEVER enjoy wallballs or burpees, but I keep coming back because they're good for me, after I'm done, I can say I did it and feel good about it. I also come back because if I don't the front desk will be a mess, let's be honest, someone's gotta keep those boy coaches in line and tidy up the place! haha I enjoy coming back to see the people I work out with the most, I look forward to seeing the regulars in the Dirty 30 and Strongman. I FRIGGIN LOVE STRONGMAN!! I cannot say enough good things about Strongman. I've recently been asked about Strongman and I am the first to say "Strongman is awesome you need to come and try it". Don't be intimidated, if I can do it, so can you!
I've seen the biggest improvements in my strength. I'm pretty sure I'm the strongest I've ever been. Never in a million years would I have thought one day I'd be picking up a 400lb yoke and carry it across the room, but I did. I'm the first person in my office at work to be asked to change the water tank on the water cooler. I've seen improvements also in my skating. I am a skater with the Albany All Stars and since I started ACF almost 2 years ago, my skating and footwork on the track has improved. I'm no longer that baby giraffe who can't find her footing and wiffs out on hits….girls fear me (for the most part).
I feel that Crossfit has helped my in my everyday life by changing my attitude from "I can't" to "I can". Tell me I can't do something and I sure as hell will try my best. Being part of the Albany CrossFit community and cheering on a daily basis for fellow athletes has also changed the way I practice in roller derby. I cheer for my teammates, if we're doing a hard drill, I cheer for them to keep pushing, you got this, don't give up, and giving them a great job when they finish a brutal drill. I don't ALWAYS cheer, my derby sisters can attest to that, but find me in a good mood and I'm all over the place cheering people on.
I can say that I don't have a favorite Albany CrossFit story. I think maybe the question should be "What's your favorite Albany CrossFit story of the day". There are great stories everyday that I can't choose just one. Just the other day while doing "Black and Blue" Jon R. was the last to finish and we all cheered him on and I was amazed at how fast he banged out the last set of 10 burpees, it was insane. One day during back squats Liza I. wanted to back squat her own body weight, she had never done it. Myself and Anne M. told her to do it and she did! She doubted herself, but myself and Anne didn't, we knew she had it in her. How about that time we all came together to support Jake,  a little boy of one of our own Albany CrossFiterers who was battling medical condition. Got Courage?  There are so many stories!
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