Monday 102912

Due to the pending inclement weather from Hurricane Sandy, the 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, and 9am at Albany CrossFit and the 5:45am at CrossFit Clifton Park are cancelled on Monday, October 29th. 

Please check the main page throughout the day for more updates on the schedule.  We will be closely monitoring the weather, and making adjustments and cancellations accordingly. There is no need to call, text or email regarding the classes, any changes will be reflected here in a timely fashion. We appreciate your cooperation.

If, due to the weather, you are unable to come in to hit a WOD, please check out our WODs on the Road page for a ton of great options for "at-home" workous and something you can always check back on for when you go on vacation or business trips.

Link of the Day

This Week's Mobility:



3 Rounds:

5 Wall Climbs

10 Jumping Squats with Empty Barbell

15 Good Mornings with Empty Barbell



I. Establish a 1RM Jerk

II. “Diane”


Deadlifts (225/155)

Handstand Pushups

*Scaling options for all athletes will be provided by the coaches in class



For more guidance, please email [email protected]

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