Message from the Doubles-or-Nothing Team

Here's a message for all athletes attending the Doubles-or-Nothing Seminar on February 2nd: albany fitness

Shana and I can't wait to come to Albany to work with you on your double-unders.

We pride ourselves on giving our students the greatest amount of individual attention possible, but since you'll be a group of 26, time and numbers are not on our side. To overcome that, we'd like to invite you to arrive at the box a bit early so we can at the very least customize your rope before the clinic starts.

With luck, we should be at the box by 2pm if not a tad earlier. In addition, the workshop is scheduled to end at 4pm and our bus back to NYC is at 4:40pm. We're happy to stay later so long as we don't miss that bus!

Looking forward to meeting you all.

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