May 2016 – Danielle Smith

We are excited to announce Danielle Smith as our May 2016 Member of the Month. The coaches have seen tremendous improvements from Danielle in both her Olympic lifts and also endurance.  Coach Kat really enjoys having Danielle in her classes.  She is always willing to take coaching advice and gives 100% in every workout.  She is not afraid of failure and will always push herself.  Her form has greatly improved over these past few months and Coach Kat is excited to see her continued progress.

Coach Shye says “Danielle has a fantastic attitude and is always working on improving technique. She also puts forth max effort in every WOD including the grueling endurance WODs on Saturday mornings.” While Coach James adds in “Danielle is a staple member of the 7:00pm crew!! She has a positive attitude, works hard during WODs, and always stays after class to work on mobility. Danielle sets a great example for others to follow and I’m excited that she is the May member of the month!”

Congratulations Danielle on being selected as Albany CrossFit’s May Member of the Month.

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