May 2015 – Renee Reid


Renee has a very unique quality about her…fearlessness. Every class she puts weight on the bar that she has never lifted before and simply attacks it. She works hard, pushes her limits and shows the guys in the class that she can lift big weight too! Some recent personal records for her include a 115# Front Squat 1RM (a 30# increase!) and a 107.5# Clean & Jerk 1RM! (22.5# increase). Renee has been a part of our gym’s Barbell Club since its creation. I am very excited to see how she will continue to progress over the next year as she has a natural talent for the Olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean& Jerk). Her relentless pursuit to their mastery will no doubt yield some big results. We are proud of the work she is putting in to better herself and are excited to recognize Renee as the May Member of the Month. Congratulations Renee.




Dr. B AFC Albany CrossFit’s Member of the Month is proudly sponsored by Dr. Bianca Treski of Active Family Chiropractic. Dr. B is our resident “Spine Coach” and she shares in our mission to help make others better than they were yesterday. Members of the Month receive a complimentary $50 assessment card to use at Dr. B’s office. Please see Coach James to claim your prize!

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  1. Joanne Skerritt

    Congratulations Renee . You certainly have earned the honor of being selected ” Member of the Month!” You are talented in so many ways BUT your OLY lifting progress is really impressive . Of course that is due to your hard work & dedication . So proud of you ! J