May 2012 – Dave Boyle (CCP)

I remember Dave’s first day.  In walks the mid-day free trial appointment.  Here was this college student, a former athlete who played football and lacrosse.  Instantly, I knew what needed to happen: “Fran.” He was in need of a challenge, and a benchmark, albeit modified at the time,  was to be his poignant introduction.

Whether he knew what to expect or not, he had no hesitation, just dove right in.  You could see the look in his eye, the determination to push as hard as he could, and when all was done, he had the same expression of “holy shit that was awesome” that every CrossFitter has when they first begin their die-hard passion for the program.

Since then, Dave has done nothing but work his butt off every class.  He’s in early, and stays late. He wants to get better, and is willing to hone in on the fundamentals to master the movements.

His hard work in class has parlayed into the same commitment he now demonstrates as an intern.  His appreciation for coaching goes far beyond merely teaching the movements, it’s about bringing the best possible all-around experience to the athletes.  Not only is he interning as a coach now, but will be attending SUNY Cortland in the fall to pursue a degree in Kinesiology.

We’re proud of his dedication, and truly appreciate the effort he has put forth, and has earned this recognition as the May 2012 Member of the Month at CrossFit Clifton Park.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” –Frank Lloyd Wright

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