March 2017 – Tabitha Beasley

Words can’t describe how happy we are to announce that Tabitha Beasley is our March 2017 Member of the Month!!! Her story is one that every member of our community can learn from. If you are willing to put in the work the results will come. Checkout what our coaching staff had to say about her:

Coach James’s thoughts on Tabitha:

“I remember coaching Tabitha in On Ramp when she first joined the gym. It was apparent that she was ready to take control of her lifestyle and ready to work hard to achieve her goals. I am so happy that she is enjoying so much success (it is most definitely earned). Tabitha, you are doing an incredible job being a positive role model for everyone in our community and your family. Keep working hard – this is just the beginning!”

Coach Louis had this to say about Tabitha:

“Tabitha to me has become this unstoppable force in our gym and community. She absorbs every bit of coaching and responds always with positivity. Her determination to continually grow as an athlete and tone her body has been inspiring. I’m excited for her journey and proud to witness the success she has worked so hard for. It’s amazing to see how much someone really wants to take back their lives and make the best of it. Tabitha has her family involved in this incredible life style of health and fitness. She’s become a highly contagious role model and person to be around. Her smile, her attitude, and her work ethic are irresistible. Great job. It’s great to have her and her family in our community.”

Coach Chris chimed in with:

“Tabitha is an awesome addition to ACF. She has an infectious positive attitude and an excellent work ethic. She is always putting in extra work and striving to get better every day. I love her growing confidence and her competitive nature and I find her pushing me in WODs. The results she has achieved in a pretty short time are amazing, I can’t wait to see where she will be in a few months. We are very lucky to have Tabitha as part of our ACF community!”

Checkout what Coach Murph had to say:

“If you don’t know who Tabitha is, she is the athlete with a kick butt smile and awesome attitude. It’s rare to find an athlete willing to try different class times but Tabitha loves a challenge. When I met Tabitha, I was impressed with her willingness to step outside of her comfort zone, it is what sets her above the rest of the community. Tabitha is a big part of Albany CrossFit, she comes to parties, competes in challenges and in competitions. Her husband recently followed her lead and caught the CrossFit bug!”

Coach Shye mentioned:

“Tabitha has to be one of the most inspirational athletes we have in our community. She puts forth maximum effort in every class and constantly looking for ways to improve. It seems like she hits a PR every time she comes to the gym! She even has her children excited to come and watch her work out. She always comes to class with a great attitude no matter what the workout is. I look forward to see her continue to progress.”

Coach Kat said:

Tabitha, also known as super mom in my book! This lady has a fantastic daughter and twin 3-year-old boys. Yes folks, and she still is surviving. How? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is her desire to be better for herself and family. She is a true role model for her family. For that, she is amazing.

She continues to come in each day and put the work in. She has quickly become such a positive person to be around at the gym. She values and supports our community events. When you are around Tabitha you are instantly happier. We are lucky to have her in our community and I am excited to see her continued success.

Congratulations to an amazing athlete, role model, and momma!

Coach Pat added his thoughts:

I love the way she has brought her family into the community. Willing to try anything and has never said “I can’t” to anything that has popped up.

Coach Stacey had these words to say:

“When I met Tabitha on her first day of On-Ramp in September, I could tell there was this fire inside of her! Since joining ACF, she has used that fire to spark a passion for fitness in all those she has encountered. To me, this is what CrossFit is all about. Individuals coming together to inspire and support one another on the journey to meet their goals. Tabitha has definitely added tremendous value to our community, and we are lucky to have her.

Tabitha is one of the most genuine, kind, passionate and determined people I have ever met. Not only am I proud to be her coach, but I’m privileged to call her a dear friend. She is encouraging to everyone she meets, she participates whole-heartedly in community events, and does everything with a smile. She’s not afraid of a challenge, and she’s not one to complain. She will show up, put in the work, listen to her coaches, and cheer on everyone around her. She definitely inspires me! And, I love the way she’s inspired her family and is a great role model for her children. Hard work and consistency go a long way, and Tabitha proves that everyday.

Congrats on being Member of the Month! It’s well deserved, and I know you will only continue to reach your goals and blow us all away! #getitgirl

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