Make Your Uncomfortable Your Zone!

How many of you know your limits? How many people look at a WOD and think "I'm not going" because of the movement or the time domain? How many of you push your comfort zone? CrossFit is the perfect place to do it. You're given the opportunity to improve yourself and those around you. You're given the opportunity to push out of your comfort zone every time you set foot into the box. How many of us really do it? albany fitness

I was given the opportunity to push out of my comfort zone at the end of April with a "Go Ruck."  Go Ruck is an endurance challenge where a group of strangers traipse all over their city and learn to work as a cohesive group over a predetermined amount of time while carrying weights, people and random heavy objects. Failure to work together extends that time. So believe me you learn to work together fast! Our Go Ruck started at the Egg, went up to Washington Park, down to the Corning preserve boat launch, back up to Washington Park and ending at the Egg. We started our adventure at 1am and ended at 11:30am.  You didn't care that you were covered head to toe in mud or that every sip you took out of your camel back had grit in it. The challenge was not staying up for over 10 hours, it was staying on your feet and being active with a minimum of 20lbs on your back. The challenge was wondering if you were ever going to be warm again or if the sun was ever going to come up. The challenge was after you hoped each "mission" was the last making yourself go through the next one. Believe me when I tell you I spent most of the challenge extremely uncomfortable.

As tiring and brutal as it sounds I am so happy that I did this challenge, because it pushed my boundaries. It showed me that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was and it gave me a new perspective on my workouts. Instead of dreading certain movements or WODs, now they are just opportunities to improve.

CrossFit isn't comfortable and neither is life but when you push outside your comfort zone and into the uncomfortable, you come out the better for it. So how will you make yourself uncomfortable today?

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