Make Some Noise!

Check out Brett's take on the approach to lifting: clifton park fitness

There’s a certain attitude that prevails over the internets among “the strong”. I’m talking about guys who total around 800# in Weightlifting meets (snatch & clean and jerk) or who total more than 1700# in powerlifting meets (squat, bench press, and deadlift).

It’s abrasive, aggressive, boisterous, unapologetic, and, well, manly as f#ck (testosterone is good for all of us).

A couple of blogs that also happen to be really well written are Jon North’s The Dark Orchestra (Attitude Nation) and Chaos & Pain (not at all WFS, not for the shy or children).

I struggle with lifts in my training. Sometimes, I stomp my feet, howl, kick things, and make other fun noises before, during and after those struggles. Aggression, emotion, risk, and remembering what I need to be help me overcome who I was.

I watch people struggle with lifts in my classes. Often, they make no noise before their lifts. There is no aggression. And, I have to think to myself, “Self. Is there some loss aversion going on here? Is this person more afraid of being embarrassed, by the chance that people might see them fail than they are of failure itself?

“Impossible! This is CrossFit, where people can escape for an hour and hit all out BeastMode without a second thought… Right?”

Watch some video of Jon North lifting, screaming out “Shankle” before snatching or listen to the music and cheering that goes on during a Westside squat session. Quiet?

What if you made noise? Someone might giggle. Don’t worry, they can go back to Planet F!tness if they’re intimidated. You might help somebody else get over their “shy weightlifter” Complex. That’s an oxymoron. You might discover how great you are! (watch the video & listen in at 2:48 <- your future Fran time!?)

So, just try it. Get out of your corner of the double or triple! Make some noise! Put weight on the bar that you just might not succeed with and then Get Stronger!

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