Life Strategy from an Old Man

I have not perfected life…I don’t plan on it.  But here are a few things I have picked up along the way…

Adopt a Dog – one of the best things you can do for you and your future best friend.  Every day you will be reminded of how you did something positive for the world.  Bonus coachingpoints if they have 3 legs…

It doesn’t pay to be lazy. 

Write down important things – “the pen is for remembering, the mind is for thinking”

Eat Raw Garlic – I am convinced this is what keeps me healthy.  Side note, you will smell…

Have a life outside of CrossFit – in CrossFit we are taught to not specialize, same goes for life.  Whether it’s dance, martial arts, writing, learning an instrument, riding a horse, or volunteering…there is more to life than CrossFit (gasp!).


Read – as in, read books.  Even if just 10 minutes each day, it’s exercise for you brain.  Need a good book?  Join the ACF Book Club!

Spend within your means – this goes without saying, but people still forget.  Keep a budget, get a financial planner (plug Sasa here), but most importantly spend smart.


Use a Neti Pot – it’s gross, but it works.

Foam Roll and Stretch – I was neglecting this and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t recovering…duh!  I make sure to Warm-Up for at least 15 minutes and Foam Roll for at least 15 minutes every WOD, even if that means less WOD time.  My body thanks me.

Remember everyone is dealing with their own issues – someone bothering you at work, home, the gym (no way!), they have their own problems going on, it’s not all about you.

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion, style, compassion, generosity and humor and finally with kindness.” –Author Unknown

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8 Responses
  1. matt

    Sage advice. If leaders around the world followed these nuggets, I am pretty sure the world would be a better place (except for the garlic).