Kim Seevers: Laughing so hard we pee.

What I love about Albany CrossFit is going to the "gym" and having a structured workout each day. No thinking required.  I see myself coming forever because I'm afraid of what would happen if I didn't come back!

My biggest improvement has been my leg strength and I know it's hard to believe, but my cardio. As a skier, when I get finished with a training or race run at altitude I'm not winded anymore. My legs feel so much stronger at the end of the day now. This is obviusly super important as I'm training for the 2014 Paralympics.

I have so much more confidence and most importantly, it's without question, the thing that's kept me skiing well. This has been our best season ever. We had a goal of making it to Russia, and we are on our way!

My favorite moments are all my firsts! My first 20" box jump, my first 24" box jump, my first 30" box jump, my first double under, my first handstand…you get the drift (still waiting for that 1st pull-up).

I've had so much fun with people from Albany CrossFit and I've made some really great friends. I just love everything about it! I think the funniest story was when Rebecca first told me she was pregnant and we had a 1RM back squat that night. I told her I was afraid everything was going to slip out at the bottom of a squat and we laughed so hard she peed herself. (You're not going to repeat this are you?)