June 2016 – Dan Reisner


We are excited to announce Dan Reisner as our June 2016 Member of the Month!

Dan is a great asset to our ACF community and an absolute pleasure to be around. He can commonly be seen with a smile on his face pushing other athletes to go harder. When he’s not helping others, he’s pushing himself, commonly spending a lot of extra time working on his sucks and improving his skills. He constantly seeks the advice of coaches and more experienced athletes in his endeavors.  Dan recently accomplished one of his goals he has been tirelessly working towards; a 400 pound deadlift!

Coach James chimes in “It’s always a pleasure to have Dan in class and I am very proud of his recent performance at the Elmira Open weightlifting meet in April. It took a lot of courage for Dan to step outside of that comfort zone, put on a singlet, and go perform lifts he’s still learning in front of an audience – he did so like a boss! He hit a PR Clean & Jerk of 176lbs! Not only am I so excited to continue coaching Dan, but also to see how he continues to progress and grow as an athlete.”

We are proud to call Dan a member of our CrossFit family and are honored to recognize him as the June 2016 Member of the Month.