Hip Power & Pain: An Experiential Seminar For Leveling Up Your Performance

Hip Power & Pain: An Experiential Seminar For Leveling Up Your Performance – June 19th from 11am to 2pm at Albany CrossFit.

It’s no secret that the hips are the powerhouse of the body or that they frequently get tight and painful. The real secret is – what are the hips? What aren’t the hips? How do the hips, legs, pelvis and core depend on one another but also get tangled up and inefficient? This workshop will be a deep dive into the biomechanics of this essential yet often misunderstood foundation of the body. You will get a vast upgrade of your anatomic and functional knowledge of the hips as well as highly practical exercises to use with yourself and your clients for mobilization, activation, and power. Said simply, at the end of this workshop, you’ll be smarter, faster, stronger, and more mobile. BOOM!


An athlete’s maximum performance is rooted in the mastery of basic functional movement. Failures to understand and integrate these fundamentals are the difference between winning or losing, injury or PRs, efficiency or burnout. This seminar will intellectually and kinesthetically transform your understanding and utilization of your hips, pelvis and low back in all manners of activity from getting more out of your Kettlebell swings to simply walking. The presentation will be immersive: involving lecture, power-point, physical exercises and Q&A

You’ll learn:

– Specific functional anatomy and kinesiology of the legs, hips and lumbo-pelvis
– How to move your legs, hips and low back independently
– How to move your legs, hips and low back cooperatively
– Maximize ROM and Mobility where you have been stuck
– Self-treat pain and dysfunction
– Smart shit that’ll make you smarter than your average bear

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Led By Karden Rabin:

Karden specializes in designing truly integrative wellness solutions of individuals and groups that create breakthrough results in health and quality of life. During his tenure, Karden has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of clients. Beginning with his massage therapy training at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, Karden has gone on to study a wide array of wellness sciences with prestigious institutions and teachers including Kripalu, The Milne Institute For Visionary CranialSacral Therapy, Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method and Tom Meyers, inventor of The Anatomy Trains. Beyond the physical, Karden has studied and teaches a myriad of stress, mental and emotional management approaches, including meditation, present-time awareness, Yoga Nidra, HeartMATH and breathing practices. While maintaining an active Bodywork practice, Karden has also created multiple projects and businesses including Wellcast, an online wellness learning platform; Prologue Sessions, a live event series for realizing your career dreams; For The Love of Pie, an artisan pie bakery and Mighty Brittle, a craft candy manufacturer. He lives in West Stockbridge, MA with his talented and inspiring wife, Gillian, and sweet soft cat, Cheshire.