July 2016 – Lauren Gannon

When thinking of an athlete who makes no excuses to get into the gym to get the job done; Lauren Gannon pops into our mind. We are proud to announce that Lauren is our July 2016 Member of the Month. Lauren has worked extremely hard and has made tremendous improvements over the last few months. As you can tell, with hard work and dedication she lost baby Jude weight like a boss!

Coach Murph says “You can not mention Lauren unless you mention Jude! Jude is a delight to have in class. It’s awesome to see the progress he and Lauren have made over the last year. Lauren manages to balance watching Jude and WODing at the same time. Lauren consistently seeks out advice on how she can improve and the progress she has made is pretty remarkable. Lauren is a dedicated member of the Albany CrossFit community and an example of how we can balance family and fitness. It’s truly inspiring to see so many children at Albany CrossFit these days. I’m excited to see what the next generation of CrossFittters can do.”

Coach James mentioned “Lauren has done an amazing job over the last six months since we started working on her nutrition and has lost nearly all of her baby weight (12-13lbs!). One thing I have come to admire about her is that Lauren never has any excuses. It certainly cannot be easy juggling around a job, baby Jude, hitting WODs, a social life, and taking care of PG, but she puts in the effort and gets it all done. She knows what she has to do to reach her goals and when she has an off day she takes ownership of it – a trait we could all learn from and why I think she has been so successful.”

We are very proud to say Lauren Gannon is our July 2016 Member of the Month. Congratulations Lauren!

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