July 2012 – Sean Mulligan (CCP)

clifton park gymSay hello to our resident Brad Pitt look-alike!  Can't be happier to announce Sean as our July 2012 CrossFit Clifton Park Member Month.

He's a workout fanatic, and an all-around badass athlete.  He came in to CrossFit as a rock-star in both jiu-jitsu and judo, with high ranking belts in both the disciplines.  Definitely a rare breed of dedication and commitment to achieving such mastery in the two martial arts, in age where we see many choose the easiest route just to pass the time.

Now that he's started at CrossFit, he's applied his same focus to this avenue.  You'll see him early, hitting skills after skill after skills.  Ever want to know how to walk on your hands?  Take a second to watch him do laps around the room upside-down faster than some can do right-side-up.  Sean shows heart and drive during every workout, and helps cheer on every single athlete until their done.

The combination of Sean's athletic gifts, humility, and strong work ethic are a rare find, and have made a fan-favorite stand-out within the CrossFit Clifton Park family.  We look forward to seeing him take his talents to the next level in the future.  Congrats!

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