July 2011 – Maggie Doyle (ACF)

Maggie Member of the Month

From Kim:

Maggie is a very determined athlete.  She asks for advice from her coaches and implements whatever suggestions they may have so that she will get stronger and faster.  She also is the first to wish everyone a “good morning,” or “have a great day.”  On holidays or other special occasions, she always surprises the Morning Mayhem class with little treats or gifts.  If you ever need a hug, Maggie is more than happy to put the squeeze on you!

From Kevin:

Come in to CrossFit, bust your ass, eat right when your at home, and tell all your friends how you got your results. It is a simple prescription that has helped build boxes all over the country grow year after year. Maggie does all this, and so much more! She always has a great big smile on her face. She is a great member of the community. She is in the best shape of her life, and only getting better! I am proud to endorse Maggie as our July M.O.M., and even more proud to have her as a friend.

From Arianna:

I had an opportunity to workout along side Maggie before I started interning as a coach at the 5:45am class. It was clear from the start Maggie had caught the Crossfit bug. She was all smiles every morning and was quickly progressing in all movements. It wasn’t too long after I started interning that Maggie approached Brett and myself and made it known she was interested in taking her training to the next level. Now a member of Jay and Caleb’s competition team, Maggie has been dedicating herself to exploring better nutrition, and is hitting WOD’s with higher intensity and determination than ever before. Maggie’s mental toughness is a force to be reckoned with. Her growth mentally and physically has been an inspiration, and I have really enjoyed watching her progress as an athlete. She is open to constructive criticism, and is always looking to improve her lifts. All this personal dedication has not taken away from her ability to cheer on her fellow athletes and congratulate them on their successes as well. She has been a delightful asset to Albany Crossfit, and I look forward to seeing what Maggie brings to the table next. Congratulations on being this month’s MEMBER OF THE MONTH!

From Sean:

Maggie = Dedication

I met Maggie almost a year ago now and I have had the pleasure of coaching her ever since then. I mean that. Ever since then. I think I can count on both hands how many days she wasn’t in one of my class. I think she must have post master in her blood because rain sleet and snow won’t keep this girl away. Neither will a sprained ancles, straines, muscle soreness, or holidays.

Maggie = Dedication and it has paid off. Not only is she there she is there early working on gaining strength, sharpening her skills, or working on sucks. That dedication has paid off. The proof is in the pudding with every new accomplishment she has achieved.

Keep charging Maggie, you make us proud.

From Brett:

There was a mousy little girl in the MM crowd who I was worried about. She asked if it would be a good idea for her to compete in the In-House competition and I had to seriously consider, would it lead to injury or improvement?  would it be discouraging or motivating?  .
But, now…Maggie is getting stronger, faster, and better at CrossFit and I have no hesitation encouraging her to take part in the competitors’ program.
Why?  Every morning as 5:45 approaches, I walk into ACF and there she is, hitting the WU, doing some active recovery, or punishing a weakness.  When we used to set up for workouts, I’d see Maggie scaling… a lot, but lately, she’s stepped up everything from weight on the bar to kettlebell weight to the color of band she uses (if she needs one now).  It’s working.  Every move has gotten stronger.  When a coach tells her to lock her back position on burpee number 78 or drive her feet apart on the last squat of a 5 x 5, she doesn’t moan, whine, roll her eyes, or shout “I’m trying!”.  She just does it.  When someone encourages her to get back on the bar, she doesn’t hold her finger up or stick to some strategy for saving energy, she just gets back to work.
As soon as she manages to sit up and get her breath, she’s cheering on a neighbor and her enthusiasm doesn’t end with the class.  I see her posting to encourage friends on Facebook, helping people stick to their diets with recipes and kind words or just listening to their stories of sleep disturbed or cupcakes consumed.  She has become a tremendous asset to MM and ACF.
There was a mousy little girl in the MM crowd who I was worried about… at first.  In her words, “It is amazing what 6 months and tons of determination will do! ♥”

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” –George Bernard Shaw
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  1. AS

    CONGRATS! You so deserve M.O.M.! You always work so hard & you definitely inspire a lot of us! So happy for you!

  2. AS

    CONGRATS! You so deserve M.O.M.! You always work so hard & you definitely inspire a lot of us! So happy for you!