Julie Duncan: Challenging yourself in the box leads to increased confidence.


At Albany CrossFit I most enjoy the opportunity to challenge myself every day. To do movements and  weights that I never thought I'd do.  To look at the white board, find the scores of athletes I admire, and push myself to try to match that.  To check my journal, remember my previous score on a WOD, and commit to beating it.

Secondly, I love our community. I love hitting the WODs with a group, being supported and pushed by fellow athletes, and giving that same support back. As much as I enjoy challenging myself, it's also great to watch others challenge themselves. I frequently see people playing the same mental games I do, doubting they can do something, deciding to try, and then accomplishing it! Watching this in others inspires me to try harder and be better myself.

My weight is down 36lbs. since the beginning of the year, but the biggest change I have seen is in  
my self-confidence. I feel like such a strong person, not just physically but also mentally. Doing thing  I never thought I would do has given me the confidence to try more, both inside and 
outside of the box.
The gains in self-confidence have had a huge impact in my every day life. I'm rarely overwhelmed by the challenges I face because I know I'm strong enough to deal with whatever's thrown my way.

Crossfit has also taught me the value of trying things, even if you're not successful. 
Failing is no longer such a frightening concept to me, because I know there's value in the attempt. 
You learn so much just by trying.  You learn where your limits are, learn where you can make improvements, learn that you 
can try again because failing isn't so bad after all!

My favorite moment is the Friday Night Fights where Amy Henges deadlifted 400lbs. It was such an exciting thing to witness and to be a part of.It was not only a terrific individual feat, but an amazing show of community. Time was running out, and people were scrambling to help her put weight on the bar so she could get her attempt in. Then the whole room, over 50 people, stopped to watch her attempt, and 
simultaneously shouted and cheered when she hit it. Wasn't even my accomplishment, but I couldn't stop smiling after that.
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