Julia Sokolohorsky: Coaches believe in me more than I do.

Albany CrossFit is an atmosphere that I have never truly experienced before. I was a high school athlete and I've always had personal trainers but at the end of the day, after that workout or practice, their job was done. At Albany CrossFit I have coaches and friends who care about my progress. Who take the time, even out of their workout, to help me correct my form on a snatch or push me to go 10lbs heavier. When I nail that snatch or hit that 10 lb PR those coaches and athletes are even more proud of myself than I am. That is teamwork. That is incredible.

If I had to name one reason that I keep coming back, I wouldn't be able to. The motivation of others. The fear of the workout posted. Feeling fabulous after completing the workout. Being better than I was yesterday. The community. Those are all the reasons why I come back.

I have seen a few large improvements. First, I am down 24lbs from when I began. I am more flexible than I was in February – but believe me, I still have a long way to go. I wish I would have video taped my squat from when I was in boot camp to now – night and day I tell you. Still not anything to write home about but these are the improvements that build that foundation to become a better, stronger, more fit athlete.

I genuinely feel better. I am living a healthy life style outside of Albany CrossFit through clean eating and zoning. I don't eat what I used to because the second we start warming up prior to the WOD, I immediately regret those 3 Doritos or Oreos I had earlier in the day. Those are not options anymore. I have also instilled this lifestyle change in my family. I want the ones I love to become better, more fit versions of themselves.

The WOD was to run 1 mile, row 2000m and finish with another mile. I specifically remember going into that WOD with anxiety. I started running and remember Pat being at the 1/2 mile point cheering me on. I thought I was going to die. I finished the first mile in about 10 minutes and change and hopped on the rower. I knew that I wasn't going to finish the WOD in the time constraint so I scaled the rowing to 1,500m. After I got off the rower, I looked at Pat and said – "I'm going to scale this next mile". He looked at me and said "Are you sure about that? I know you can do it". Those few, powerful, words were all I needed. I knew he had faith in me and because of that, I had more faith in myself. I ran that next mile. I finished in 31:27 – 1:27 out of the time constraint but I have never been more proud to complete a WOD. I thank Pat for believing in me because I then believed in myself. That is the community and motivation everyone should experience who is working on their health and fitness.




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