January 2014 – Tristan Fritz

When I first met Tristan I thought he was a d-bag.  That's not to say he's a bad person, I just thought he was cocky.  He joined Boot Camp relatively fit by the average American definition.  He looked decent but he couldn't snatch, hit multiple pullups, or a muscle-ups, so not THAT fit by CrossFIt standards.
It was after the first or second night when he said something along the lines of, "when are we going to do something cool?"  
We decided on HSPU and I was pretty confident this would end with me laughing at him…it did. 
Now this could have went one of two ways, he could've tucked his tail between his legs and never come back or come to the realization that he still has a lot to learn.  It went the latter.  Tristan came back with newfound motivation and since then I realized he is not a d-bag (he's just weird) but regardless I'm proud to call him my friend.
Sure, sometimes I come in and think a homeless guy has moved in, but then I realize it's just Tristan.  
Tristan trains consistently.  He has gone from primarily scaling workouts to hitting almost all as prescribed.  He has worked on weaknesses to the point in which he can now do all of our higher level skills.  
Tristan has become an integral part of our community from jamming on guitar during the talent show to participating in all Friday night fight events.
We are proud and honored to announce Tristan as our January 2014 member of the month.
This month's Member of the Month is brought to you by Fuel for Fire.
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