December 2013 – Janie Wilkinson

We often get so wrapped up in our newer athletes progress, that's it is very easy to overlook those that have been CrossFitting for years and years.  We all PR in the "glory days" of CrossFit those first 3-12 months, but what happens after that.  Well, after being open for over 6 years, we have seen what happens.  Many people stop…it's hard, PRs come less often, life gets in the way, etc.  But, there are a select few that keep pushing…Janie is one of them.  

Janie has been an athlete at Albany CrossFit for over 4 years now.  While she doens't PR every day any more, one thing she does do is show up.  In fact Janie has shown up consistently for the last 4 years no matter what life has thrown at her.  Janie showed up regularly while in PA school…we've seen people stop CrossFitting because college was too much!

Now as a full fledged PA she comes in around her busy schedule and continues to get at it.  Looking lean as ever, with school behind her she has jumped right back into the thick of it and is looking to make a run at our 2014 team, and one thing we have learned about Janie is if she sets her mind to it, she will accomplish it.

Aside from her impressive training, Janie has been a phenomel part of our community, regularly showing up at events and competing in many throughout her tenure at Albany CrossFit.

It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to announce Janie Wilkinson as our Member of the Month!