It takes a Community.

Please follow along weekly for updates from Jason Murphy on his 2014 CrossFit Journey…

New Years Resolutions are so cliché and never have worked for me. I have always fallen short of the mark and ultimately failed to reach my goals. This year I say the hell with New Years resolutions. CrossFit changed the course of my life once before and I plan on using it to accomplish what I want again.

I am sick and tired of hitting “Fran” and scaling the pullups.  I know that I have been down this road before, the only difference is this time I have some help. I have every single athlete from our amazing community to help keep me accountable.

Step one is simple, dial in my nutrition. I am going paleo. I need it. I have gained back some of the weight I lost and now is the time to drop it off for good. The paleo diet is simple. Meats, vegtables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little startch, no sugar.  Before I say anything else I like to remind people that I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist , and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn express last night. However, I did lose over two hundred pounds following that exact nutrition plan.

My first goal is simple, eat paleo for 21 days. No more excuses, no more compromise. I am committed to writing about my paleo and CrossFit journey and hope that you can help me reach my goals.

Post to comments if you have any goals and I will help you achieve them.

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