Importance of Seminars

Alex offers his perspective on seminars:

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Having recently completed my second Attitude Nation Seminar with Jon and Jessica North, I've gained a new appreciation for these workshops.

Firstly, I always have a lot of fun. I don't think it would even matter what the seminar is covering. It is usually filled with a bunch of friends and other like-minded people. We spend the whole day learning as much as possible, soaking up information from the best at their subject matter.

Secondly, our everyday is to be better. What better way to improve yourself than to dive head first into the sea of knowledge that is out there?!

Lastly, it takes at least 10,000 of practice to perfect a skill…why not chop 6-8 hours off that all at once?! There is always room to improve. After my first Attitude Nation seminar, I learned a ton! I stuck with practicing and refining these new skills, why would I ever take the same seminar again? What would I gain from it? Why would I spend the money? Well after the second round, it turns out that there is still more to learn. I didn't PR like last time, but I took what I knew from before and what I've used since, and added new pieces of information to my repertoire I didn't pick up on the first go.

So remember, even though you may not think a certain seminar would interest you; seminars are fun, informative, and invaluable in helping us all (Be)tter.