Coach of the Quarter – Jason Murphy

What are some of the greatest adaptations to CrossFit?  Getting a pull-up?  Taking 165lbs. overhead?  Losing 200lbs?  Check, check, and check, Murph has done all of these.  However, I think I can speak for Murph when I say the great adaptation to CrossFit isn't physical, the greatest adaptation to CrossFit happens between the ears, it's mental.  I think Murph would agree, this is where his greatest adaptation to CrossFit has happened. albany fitness

CrossFit changes most of our lives, but I don't know if it is as impactful as it has been to Jason Murphy's.  Yes, he lost 200lbs. and no doubt this was a drastic change from his late-night gaming, binge eating, sessions.  But how many of us, quit a career, changed the complete trajectory of their destiny because of CrossFit?  

We can go on and on about Murph's athletic achievements, but that's not what this is about.  This is an opportunity to celebrate Murph's coaching achievements.  Murph started like all of our coaches as an intern and his fire and determination to learn and improve very quickly moved up the ranks.  

Being a coach at ACF/CCP seems glamorous and all fun and games, but there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes.  Murph is often at the helm for this.  From Friday Night Fights and Food Fests to making sure the gym is clean and organized, Murph does it all.  

Thank you Murph for all you do.  You are an asset to our coaching staff and our community.  Your love, passion, and dedication to Albany CrossFit and CrossFit Clifton Park is second to none.  We are proud to announce you as the first 2013 Coach of the Quarter!

Check out this Sunday Chat with Jason Murphy from over 2 years ago:

Sunday Chat with Jason Murphy from Albany CrossFit on Vimeo.