I wish she was my teacher in elementary school. –Coach Kat

The games –

I sit here in awe watching the CrossFit games. From the masters, to team, to the individuals. Who wouldn’t be in awe? These athletes are true role models of CrossFit and of beauty.

I took interest in listening to the broadcasters talk about the lives some of these athletes lead.  From running and coaching at a box, owning companies, being on the seminar staff, having a “real job” such as an elementary school teacher, and being a mother/father.  This is incredible stuff.

Ever hear of Val Voboril? She is the 35 year old female athlete who placed 5th at the CrossFit games. 5th! The 5th fittest woman in the world!! Do you know what else she does; teaches 4th grade!

What a fantastic role model. Can you imagine having the 5th fittest woman in the world as your teacher?! What a fantastic picture of beauty.  She inspires teachers, parents, and students daily all while kicking butt in CrossFit! Gosh, I’m still in awe.

Take a look at this YouTube video…enjoy.



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