Gymnastics. –Coach Christine

971474_507215382682099_1172932202_nHave you seen all the cool videos being shared by CrossFit HQ, or being passed around on Facebook by all your CrossFit friends? Nine times out of ten, they’re videos of gymnastics, or gymnastic-type movements. How many of you have ever seen somebody to a burpee back tuck and said, “woah! I want to learn that!”? Well, what are you doing to work towards it?

Every year, CrossFitters are getting stronger and more skilled. The weights at the Games are getting heavier, but even more importantly- there is more high skilled gymnastics required. At last year’s CrossFit Games, there was an 80 foot handstand walk in the final event. For many of the athletes, this part of the WOD played a huge part in how they would end up placing. Talayna Fortunato did her handstand walk unbroken, and passed Christy Phillips to win her heat and bump her up a couple places overall.

So, how can you become a better CrossFit athlete? One big help would be to work on your gymnastics skills, and luckily for you, we offer a class just for that. We work on core and shoulder strength, which can be helpful in everything you do. We also work on the general gymnastics skills that are named in Greg Glassman’s 100 World Class Fitness in 100 Words (that paragraph written on the wall above the tv’s)- pull-ups, dips, push-ups, situps, jumps, handstands, flips, splits and holds. We also just got a springboard so we can do even more! Things like vaulting, and flipping are much easier and more fun to do when you get to use a springboard.

I want all of you to be stronger gymnasts so you can improve upon your crossfit. So, come to class and get inverted! You will develop strength, coordination and flexibility. It happens every Wednesday evening at 6:00. See you there!

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