Gymnastics Club

gymnasticsWe are excited to announce a new program coming to Albany CrossFit; Gymnastics Club!  Coach Kyle will be running the show on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:00pm. Anyone is welcome to join.  Gymnastics Club will cost $20 per month additional to your regular membership.  Coach Kyle has been working hard on his own gymnastics and body awareness skills as well as broadening his knowledge base with the completion of Crossfit gymnastics trainer and Crossfit advanced gymnastics trainer certifications.

Fact – 76% of the standard benchmark girl workouts have a gymnastics component to them!   That’s how important gymnastic movements are in the CrossFit world.  Improving on gymnastics movements will guarantee better WOD performances, improved mechanics on weight lifting and of course PR’s!

Coach Kyle is ready to teach us how to better control our bodies and master skills such as the pull up, hand stand push up, ring dips, muscle ups, etc!  Don’t have these movements yet? No problem!  Coach Kyle always knows how to properly break down, scale and teach the full movement to transition to use in a WOD setting.

Join Coach Kyle on Tuesday and Thursdays starting June 30th!


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