Got Feet?

Viv discusses your connection to the ground:

I know you have feet. But do you ever ask yourself what you should be doing with them? albany fitness

Ever hear a coach tell you to 'drive thru the floor with your heels' or 'grab the ground with your toes'? Having a solid foundation is essential in kettlebells, in weightlifting, in CrossFit. You need to be rooted to the ground, and this cannot be achieved if you don't actively use your toes to grab the floor.

In the top picture I am being lazy. My foot is simply resting on the floor. If someone were to run into me I would be on my arse in heartbeat.

Check out the bottom picture. Here my toes are holding on to the floor, even my big toe is involved…oh and by the way when you do this you activate the hamstring…and when you pull your knee caps up your heels drive through the ground. Its like magic!!

With knee caps pulled up Your quads tighten and now all you need to do is squeeze your glutes and we are on our way to total body tension….clifton park fitness

And yes my lovelies tension is synonymous with strength.

Strength is a skill that takes practice.

So practice tension while keeping focus on your lift. This too requires practice. Your feet are a good place to start…..

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