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Goals… Set 'Em! Announce 'Em! Crush 'Em!

Don't wait until the new year to make a "resolution." Resolutions are temporary and mostly meaningless since you can just tell yourself, "oh well, maybe I'll think of an easier one to start next January 1st." We preach from the beginning to constantly set goals for yourself, ie. PRs, weight loss, pants size, number of abs, etc., and we do that for a reason. If you set short term goals, you are much more likely to reach them and then not stop there. We also want to hear about everyone's goals and especially love to hear when that goal has been destroyed! Then we celebrate! 

I was reminded of this during a recent Boot Camp class. Someone came up to me after class and told me a few goals casually in conversation. I interrupted and said "I didn't know that, that's awesome!" Then realized how many of us don't announce these goals that we have, or when they are reached and I believe that should change, and that change should start today…don't wait to make a cliche resolution just because the calendar changed.


Set smaller goals with an end date – So WHEN you reach it you can make a new one and never stop striving to be better in some way.

Announce your goals – Tell a friend, a coach, a family member, and random on the street, just don't keep it to yourself.

Celebrate the Victory – When you do achieve your goal, tell the world. It's not arrogance, it's pride in accomplishment, and motivation for others… plus we always look for any reason to celebrate!


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