Getting to Know the Coaches: Dave

He's at Albany CrossFit all-day, everyday.  Get to know Dave in his own words: albany fitness

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, which I am very proud of. If you have ever talked to me about this you already know. I am an avid sports nut with all my favorite teams hailing from the Motor City. After a successful high school career where I was a 3 year letterman in Football, Baseball, and Basketball, I went on to play a little baseball in college.

After a year of college I decided to join the United States Navy, where I was designated as an Aviation Ordnance Tech. Anything that would go "Boom" was our responsibility. I launched F-18's on the flight deck of the USS Nimitz based out of San Diego, CA. I made two deployments in the support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and "Operation Enduring Freedom" both of which lasted about a year. 

After the Navy I attended Western Kentucky University (Home of the Hilltoppers) in Bowling Green, Kentucky, about an hour north of Nashville, TN and received a BA in Advertising. Shortly after graduation I moved to Louisville, KY to work as a rental manager for Enterprise Rent a Car (#smh). Louisville is where I was introduced to CrossFit. My old boss was a CrossFitter and would talk about it all the time. I got started because an ex-girlfriend of mine bought me a months membership (Best thing about her BTW). I was immediately hooked! I was an athlete for about a month and then got the urge to become a coach and make other athletes better. CrossFit allows my competitive spirit to remain alive and well. Coaching gives the satisfaction of helping others be awesome! I have enjoyed my time at ACF and CCP very much! The members are awesome! The staff is awesome! The dogs are awesome! I will be getting my level I in March and finally be able to start wearing the big boy shirts! 


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