10 Reasons Why You May Be Holding Onto Those Pounds WhileYour Fellow Athletes are Losing


10 Reasons Why You May Be Holding Onto Those Pounds WhileYour Fellow Athletes are Losing

Kim shares some insight on why you might be struggling with losing weight: albany fitness

You’re into the thick of it now with The 90 Day Challenge. The competition is tough and you’re frustrated: “Why am I not losing weight? I’m doing everything I’m supposed to!” Let’s look at some common culprits that may be sabotaging you:

1. Exercise/Strength
o As we exercise our muscle and bone mass increases
o Muscle and bone weigh more than fat (this is not a myth!)

2. Stress Levels
o Cortisol, a stress related hormone causes fat storing
o Taking 500mg of Magnesium can aid in relaxation and reducing Cortisol levels

3. Sex
o Women have a lower metabolic rate than men (jerks!)

4. Breakfast Choices
o A high processed carbohydrate and high sugar breakfast spikes insulin levels
o Insulin causes the body to store fat
o This type of breakfast can actually leave you hungrier!

5. Dietary Fat
o Dietary fats are essential for health. Fat contains essential viamins A, D, E and K.
o Fat cell walls are made of fat, a health cell wall will allow fat out to allow it to be burned
o Supplement your diet with fish oil even with a healthy diet if exercising at high intensity.

6. Age
o Aging slows down metabolism (fact)

7. Water Intake
o Water is essential for optimal performance
o A hydrated liver burns more fat
o The body’s call for water is often mixed up with the call for food. Try drinking a glass of water before digging into a meal.

8. Medications
o Certain types of medication can make weight loss and gain difficult

9. Dieting and Craving
o “Dieting” leads to hormonal imbalances which can lead to cravings that make you more susceptible to overeating.
o Stick to lean proteins, nuts and vegetables

10. Sleep
o Lack of sleep leads to poor carb metabolism
o Cortisol levels can rise due to lack of sleep
o Determine whether you are sabotaging your sleep with your night time habits.

Most importantly, I would like to request that you stay off your scale altogether. Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit rather than the numbers. Always ask a coach for help. Sometimes an outside person can pick up on the problem area when you can’t see it.

Keep up the good work!