10 Reasons Why You May Be Holding Onto Those Pounds WhileYour Fellow Athletes are Losing

Kim shares some insight on why you might be struggling with losing weight: albany fitness

You’re into the thick of it now with The 90 Day Challenge. The competition is tough and you’re frustrated: “Why am I not losing weight? I’m doing everything I’m supposed to!” Let’s look at some common culprits that may be sabotaging you:

1. Exercise/Strength
o As we exercise our muscle and bone mass increases
o Muscle and bone weigh more than fat (this is not a myth!)

2. Stress Levels
o Cortisol, a stress related hormone causes fat storing
o Taking 500mg of Magnesium can aid in relaxation and reducing Cortisol levels

3. Sex
o Women have a lower metabolic rate than men (jerks!)

4. Breakfast Choices
o A high processed carbohydrate and high sugar breakfast spikes insulin levels
o Insulin causes the body to store fat
o This type of breakfast can actually leave you hungrier!

5. Dietary Fat
o Dietary fats are essential for health. Fat contains essential viamins A, D, E and K.
o Fat cell walls are made of fat, a health cell wall will allow fat out to allow it to be burned
o Supplement your diet with fish oil even with a healthy diet if exercising at high intensity.

6. Age
o Aging slows down metabolism (fact)

7. Water Intake
o Water is essential for optimal performance
o A hydrated liver burns more fat
o The body’s call for water is often mixed up with the call for food. Try drinking a glass of water before digging into a meal.

8. Medications
o Certain types of medication can make weight loss and gain difficult

9. Dieting and Craving
o “Dieting” leads to hormonal imbalances which can lead to cravings that make you more susceptible to overeating.
o Stick to lean proteins, nuts and vegetables

10. Sleep
o Lack of sleep leads to poor carb metabolism
o Cortisol levels can rise due to lack of sleep
o Determine whether you are sabotaging your sleep with your night time habits.

Most importantly, I would like to request that you stay off your scale altogether. Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit rather than the numbers. Always ask a coach for help. Sometimes an outside person can pick up on the problem area when you can’t see it.

Keep up the good work!