Game Time!

Counting down the final few hours until the Fall Face-Off!

We can't wait to see the amazing feats of strength and athleticism from all the competitors, we know you'll do great!  In preparation for Saturday's competition, please keep in mind the following information:

Athletes: albany fitness

-Registration: Will be held Friday night from 6-8pm. All 4 members of your team must be present for registration (not necessarily at the same time). Registration will also be happening Saturday morning from 7-8am.

-We are looking to kick off the first event at 9am (this will be an RX only WOD and only one heat). From then on Scaled will be going first in every subsequent workout. Event 2 is scheduled start at 9:35am.


-Are welcome at no charge throughout the day. It will get crowded during the events so please make sure they are giving athletes enough room to workout safely.


-The parking lot of Albany CrossFit will be open. Should that fill up please park in the Macy's parking lot which is a short walk to the gym.

Class Schedule at Albany CrossFit and CrossFit Clifton Park:

-Friday (10/5): The 6pm and 7pm WOD classes at Albany are cancelled, and the 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm classes at Clifton Park are cancelled in order to prep for the competition.  For those who cannot make it in to the earlier classes, please check the WOD Page as we've provided an "At Home WOD" that is sure to kick your butt!

-Saturday (10/6): Classes at ACF and CCP are cancelled for the competition.  We'd love to see everyone at Albany CrossFit supporting their fellows friends and athletes.  If you can't make it in and still want to hit a workout, there will be another "At Home WOD" posted on the WOD Page for your convenience.

Now, take a quick trip down memory lane and get fired up for Saturday with a look back on last year's Face-Off:

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