Friday Night Fights ReCap


fnf4Thank you to everyone who participated and/or volunteered their time to make Friday Night Fights a success.  We saw some great performances both individually and as teams.

The evening started with all athletes being put on teams.  After the teams were announced, athletes had 5 minutes to congregate and decide a team captain.  Brandan, Amir, and Nik lead the three teams throughout the evening.

The 3 WOD’s were briefed and teams had another 10 minutes to pick the order in which they would participate in the events and warm up.

Some standout performances of the evening:

Team LL – Jen with a 305# back squat, and Tim with a 225 jerk. Albert hitting 95 air squats in 2 minutes, while Amir completing 60 push ups in 2 minutes.  Matt helped his team on the final event with 4, 500m rows and 4, 200m prowler pushes around the island.

Team Avengers – In the first WOD Brandan hit 100 air squats in 2 minutes and then gutted out 6, 500m rows and 4, 200m prowler pushes around the island in the final event of the evening.  Ashley hit a big PR with a 125# jerk while Chris hit PR’s in both the back squat(285#) and jerk(185#).  Matt lead the team in the strength portion though with a 345# back squat.  Colleen moved through 2 minutes of ab mat sit up; adding 53 reps for the team.

Team Voldermort – Jalen and Nik put up big numbers on ther strength portion of the competition.  Jalen hitting a 195# PR and Nik hitting a 300# jerk/push press/strict press/…he got the bar locked out over head.  Sarah(Collar City) helped out with 51 sit ups in 2 minutes, while her friend Teresa added 69 air squats.  Lukas flew around the island with the prowler 4 times in the final workout.  His last lap was under a minute!

Amazing work to everyone who participated!  We hope to see you all at our next Friday Night Fights.  Stay tuned for more details.




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