Friday Night Fights – Clash of the Classes – Recap

“Clash of the Classes” was a huge success last night! Special thanks goes out to MurphyJamesPatrick, and all of the judges DesireJulieKatKerriMaryLynnSusanJasonAnthonyShye and volunteers (Kim) for making the event possible. There were so many highlights last night including a rock, paper, scissors duel to the death and PRs for days. Some highlights include Tiffany Szemplinski‘s clean and jerk at 205, AdamCeanJimmy, and Blake hitting 255. DM snatching 255, Nicholas hitting 205, andChristine hitting 145. Adam Chewie went unbroken for 3 minutes on wall balls with an astonishing 97 reps! Poli completed 91 pull ups, Paige completed 112 pistols, and Lou completed 26 muscle ups in 3 minutes. Special shoutout to all the first time competitors like Lawrence, Louis Vidal,CourtneyPettograssoLindsey, all the others I’m probably missing. Let’s post those PRs from last night below!


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